In Paccar Hall students have two options for printing. Both will require that funds be loaded on your Husky card ahead of time. It’s a good idea to keep about $10 loaded on your Husky card for printing, and getting coffee around campus. Add more money here.

MBA Lounge:
This printer is for MBA students use, and only prints in black and white. Printer drivers can be loaded from our MBAA page here. This printer is maintained by UW’s IT staff, so if paper is running low, send me an email ( and I’ll request more.

Foster Business Library:
Downstairs in the library there are higher quality printers available, but you will need to share them with the undergrad students, and occasionally there is a small queue in the morning. They also have a colorprinter available, as well as a stapler to use. You will need to download drivers for both the B&W and color printer in the library here before hand. These drivers can be found on Dawg Prints, after searching for the word “foster”

Once you have the drivers downloaded, you can send print jobs to these printers as long as you are on the University’s internet. Then just swipe your husky card at the computer next to the printer and select your document to print. Printers default to two-sided printing to save paper, but this can be changed in settings before sending your print job to the printer.