Ad-Hoc and Reimbursement request form

Use the form below to submit an ad-hoc or a reimbursement request. 

Ad-hoc funds: represent 15% of MBAA budget, which is reserved to support events or good ideas accessible to our MBA community. If you have an event planned in your budget and the funds are already allocated, you do not to submit an ad-hoc request.

Requests below $500 should be sent at least 7 days prior to the event date, while requests over $500 should be sent at least 14 days in advance. 

It’s important to highlight that any MBAA member can submit an ad-hoc request.

Reimbursement: After you spend funds from your approved budget or ad-hoc, you will need to submit this request up to 3 weeks after the event to be reimbursed. You also need to send a picture of the receipts to your current EVP of Finance.

Event Notification Form

Use the form linked below to submit an event for the MBAA calendar.

Event Room Reservation Resources

Foster Priority Rooms

There are seven Foster Priority classrooms in PACCAR Hall (six tiered, one flat). These are reserved for Foster school classes and events only. All rooms, except as noted, have built in projectors, computers, and screens.

  • PACCAR 292 (tiered) – Capacity 85 people

  • PACCAR 294 (tiered) – Capacity 85 people

  • PACCAR 390 (tiered) – Capacity 75 people

  • PACCAR 392 (tiered) – Capacity 75 people

  • PACCAR 393 (tiered) – Capacity 50 people

  • PACCAR 394 (tiered) – Capacity 75 people

  • PACCAR 490* (flat) – Capacity 40 people

*The furniture in this room may be rearranged. This room has no built in computer.

Self-service rooms

Every quarter the MBA Programs Office reserves several classrooms from 12:30-1:20 pm and 5:00-5:50 pm in PACCAR Hall. These classrooms are self-service and change every quarter.

Public Spaces

Some of the public spaces in PACCAR Hall may be reserved for student events, though special rules apply.

  • Orin’s Cafe (outside of business hours only) – Capacity 50 people

  • Dempsey Gallery* (3rd Floor) – Capacity 50 people

  • Garvey Family Atrium* (2nd Floor) – Capacity 100 people

  • Hogan Terrace** (4th Floor) – Capacity 50 people

  • Jiambalvo Hearth (3rd Floor, fireplace) – Capacity 50 people

  • The Overlook* (3rd Floor, balcony) – Capacity 50 people

  • Shansby Lobby* (1st Floor) – Capacity 50 people

Please note that no amplified sounds may be played in public spaces during academic hours.
See alcohol tab for special rules regarding alcohol in public areas.

*These spaces are walk-through areas. Events during regular class periods may not block access.
**This space is outside with partial rain-coverage.