The Foster MBA Blue Dots are a very active bunch! The group of MBA significant others gathers regularly to provide support and companionship to one another. As many spouses/significant others have moved here with their students from outside the area, the Blue Dots offer a community to people who are new to Seattle. In addition to happy hours around town, we take turns hosting book club, game nights, potlucks, and other events to get together while being frugal. After all, we are on a student’s budget! The group uses social media, including Facebook, to coordinate events as well as answer questions regarding neighborhoods, employment help, and general Seattle information. Find out more about our events at www.facebook.com/groups/FosterMBABlueDots/. Come when you can—we hope to see you soon!

To answer the question you’re most curious about: Where did the name, Blue Dots, come from? Do we tattoo a blue dot on you or paint you in all blue as an initiation ritual? Nope, nothing of the sort. For years, UW has put blue stickers on significant other’s name tags for welcome weekend – and the name stuck. We hope you grow to love the term as much as we do.


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